This is a journal of what can be made possible with some backyard engineering, some Youtube and some Googling. My goal is to fully restore a classic car, get it running and registered as a fully electric vehicle. After owning 4 fast turbo Subaru’s it’s time for something completely different. Different in a good way, I will not only be charging the car from a DIY off grid solar system and driving fossil fuel free but also doing it with style and performance. Something comfortable and easy to drive to work but also a wild animal on the race track. After many months of researching and planning, the decision was made to part out the current SF5 daily and track car to fund this project.

The goal here is also not just the end result but the learning in between. I have no training in panel beating, painting, mechanical repairs, electric engineering. I’m just an IT guy with a dream and persistence. I will no doubt have to call on some professionals to build a truly special car, but my goal here is to do as much of the work myself to further my knowledge and skills to maybe one day do another car and maybe even one after that.

The age of fossil fuel cars and internal combustion is coming to an end with most world leading countries announcing bans on new internal combustion car sales by 2030. My goal here is to show that we don’t all have to buy a bland electric commuter car, but we can reuse the cars we have and give them a new beginning with electric power and have fun with it at the same time… this is it, the automotive manifest.

Over the last few years I have a developed a mild obsession with solar and battery power. To me any other method of power generation is simply insane when we have 1.3MW of power hitting every square kilometer of Earth waiting to be harnessed and stored. I began some very humble experiments with solar pumps, battery controllers and batteries to power a very special water feature. Then I moved on to something bigger, the newly constructed workshop known now as the Electrowang workshop. It now contains a fully independent solar power plant with 14.4kw/h of recycled AGM battery storage.

This opened a new opportunity to harness this energy during the day which normally by discharged as heat from the clever Victron solar charge controller. Instead it is now being used to mine cryptocurrency which will later be used to help fund the EV28 high powered battery pack. The future plan is to upgrade the off grid power plant to accommodate the charging of the EV28 battery pack and house energy. Creating a completely off grid power and transport source. The off grid power system can also be used to pump and filter rain water, this is the lifestyle I want to leave to my future children while not sacrificing any creature comforts.

Now time to get on to fixing that car…

Yours truly,



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  1. Eric Rodda says:

    All the best with your project.
    Remember that the Calb72’s have a leakage to the case and need to be insulated from each other and the frame.


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