March 2019 Update

Sincere apologies folks for the long delay between updates. I have been busy BABY-ING. However, I have managed to sell almost my entire old car part by part. This means I have the funds to fully complete this project which is one of the big hurdles of a project like this. The final step is to remove what is now a Forester shell from my shed and trade it in to the scrapyard. Then the RA28 can roll into the shed and the real work can begin!

Nearly all parts for this car have now either been ordered, acquired or being built. I have negotiated my way through the purchase of the Zilla 2K motor controller, the entire CALB battery pack, the various suspension bits and bobs and general running gear. So this is another hurdle that has nearly been overcome.

So while updates have been quiet I have been busy in the background. I have managed to make a start and setup the new instrument cluster, restore the GT grille and repaint and setup the Watanabe style wheels.

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