Revised Parts List

As research continues I have revised the parts list, most of which is already purchased and on it’s way. Comments welcomed for any queries on the parts, it will continually evolve as time goes by.

Electric Components

2x Netgain Warp 9″ motors in ‘siamese’ configuration with Reid Powerglide 2 speed + reverse transmission 1000hp capable (A proven track and drag configuration by the likes of EV West M3, White Zombie Datsun 1200, Zombie222 Mustang) (ACQUIRED)

Manzanita Micro Zilla 2K EHV (The top end model for drag and track use capable of suppying 2000 amps continuously) (ACQUIRED)

CALB 25.3kw/h LiFePo4 battery pack consisting of 110x CALB72 in fan cooled LED lighted perspex casing (A proven high power density with one of the lightest casings) (ORDERED)

ZEVA EVMS V3 battery management system (Advanced system to maximise battery performance and lifespan) (ACQUIRED)

TC Elcon 3kw battery charger (Onboard so charging can take place anywhere) (ORDERED)

MeanWell 36Amp DC-DC converter + 12v 15AH LiFePo4 aux battery (For original 12v systems and auxilary systems) (ACQUIRED)

Vehicle Components

Ford 9″ 31 spline Detroit Locker rear diff 54″ and 5×114.3 hubs (ACQUIRED)

M&S Custom shortened 1350 drag race tailshaft

TechnoToyTuning 9″ weld on diff bracket kit for AE86 (ACQUIRED)

TechnoToyTuning Panhard lateral bar (ACQUIRED)

TechnoToyTuning front strut brace (ACQUIRED)

TechnoToyTuning Billet AE86 front hubs (ACQUIRED)

Hardrace 4pc adjustable rear end links (ACQUIRED)

Whiteline 24mm Front Sway Bar + HD Mounts (ACQUIRED)

BC Racing AE86 coilovers fully adjustable 8KgF + 6KgR (ACQUIRED)

Staggered Watanabe 15″ 9″ -5 rear 5×114.3 8″ 0 front 4×114.3 (ACQUIRED)

Hankook RS4 Z232 front 225 15″ (ACQUIRED)

Nankang AR1 semi slick rear 245 15″ (ACQUIRED)

Wilwood Big Daddy disc brake kit  pot with cross drilled rotors (ACQUIRED)

Basically Natural EV Vacuum Pump Brake Assist Kit (ACQUIRED)

Ultimate Power steering 12v actuation motorsport kit (If required)

AE86 front end – Xmember, steering rack, hubs, castor arms, column (ACQUIRED)

TechnoToyTuning Evolved billet AE86 knuckles with outer tie rod ends (ACQUIRED)

TechnoToyTuning RTX2 Lower Control Arms for AE86 (ACQUIRED)

B&M billet 2 speed shifter with lockout (ACQUIRED)

FASS 125GPH fluid pump for Powerglide lubrication at idle (ACQUIRED)

MSD 8969 RPM based controller switch for automated switching on Powerglide idle pump (ACQUIRED)

Custom fabricated front strut bar reinforcement with shelf for motor controller

Custom fabricated battery compartment in spare wheel area

Custom fabricated chassis reinforcements, externally invisible


Fibreglass Ducktail Top Secret 3 piece spoiler (ACQUIRED)

ADM Retro Fibreglass front lip spoiler (ACQUIRED)

ADM Retro Fibreglass moulded wheel arch flares (ACQUIRED)

JDM fender mirrors (ACQUIRED)

Fibreglass side intake scoops to feed fresh air to battery pack (ACQUIRED)

Custom Louvers for rear quarter panel windows (ACQUIRED)

Faux stainless exhaust twin tips for exhaust air ducted from battery pack

Celica GT Honeycomb Grille (ACQUIRED)

Cree LED H4 5 3/4″ headlight replacements with Halo LED DRL (ACQUIRED)

Tinted rear tail light + indicator lenses (ACQUIRED)

LED globe upgrades all round

Full respray in super gloss Black

Body rust cuts and repair panels (ACQUIRED)

Custom Prestige Black slimline plates – EV28WA (ACQUIRED)


Full interior restoration, carbon fiber style, leather with red stitching

FT86 GTS seats mint condition leather + velour + red stitch (ACQUIRED)

3 point ADR race road harnesses (ACQUIRED)

Momo Race Steering wheel with boss kit (ACQUIRED)

Dash instruments replaced with VDO GPS speedo, tacho, Aux 12v, Clock, E-Xpert HV battery fuel gauge (ACQUIRED)

Digital LED segment type temp readings from motors, transmission and controller coolant (Back to the future style) (ACQUIRED)

Zilla coolant system filled with UV reactive coolant and UV engine bay lighting

Coolant system plumbed to heater core for demisting legal requirement

Custom fabricated seat mounts

Custom fabricated motor mounts

Electrics & Safety

Master motor controller kill switch

Master battery pack kill switch

Impact emergency battery cut off sensor

Multiple contactors

Fire blanket above battery pack

Fire extinguishers below seats

Hidden kill/live switch for vehicle starting

Retrofit central locking and alarm with GPS tracking (ACQUIRED)

Key barrel replacement with Solex anti tamper kit (ACQUIRED)


2 thoughts on “Revised Parts List

  1. Eric Rodda says:

    Things to remember:
    – You may have to insulate each CALB72 cell from each other , and the frame/box, as they tend to have leakage to the case and the blue insulation may rub through.
    – Use a diode on the high voltage side of the DC -DC converter to protect this unit from being used as a HV source when the battery pack droops under load. I blew up one Meanwell unit prior to knowing this. See:

    1. Electrowang says:

      Excellent info thanks, your explanation makes sense and that might just save me a DC-DC converter. I am now leaning towards 540 Headway 15AH Cells as they have a higher C rating. Since I’ll be leaving the battery pack til last there might even be something better by then.


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