Build Plan

Been a while since an update, due to being busy having a newborn son (Sonny!). During that time I have been researching, planning and buying between nappy changes and naps. Here is the order of events that I think is going to work best, comments welcomed from seasoned restorers!

  1. Bodywork – rust repairs, grinding, filling and getting panels smooth and prime to prevent rust
  2. Test fitting – spoilers, wheel arch flares, side scoops, driveline, suspension, wheels, brakes, seats, fabrication and strengthening where required.
  3. Painting – remove all parts, strip paint, smooth again and prime + paint.
  4. Refit – Refit all parts from driveline to interior, check functionality and replace anything that requires it.
  5. Powerplant – Construct battery pack and fit it (by this time battery pricing may be better)
  6. DRIVE

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