Electric Driveline Acquired!

So as luck would have it EV Works in Perth had the exact motor and gearbox setup for this project. It was ordered in from EV West who custom build these twin motors and modified 1000hp 2 speed Powerglide setups for a customer who unfortunately passed away before he could enjoy it. So I will hopefully do it justice.

After arriving at EV Works and checking out the workshop like a kid in a candy shop we loaded it into the trusty Liberty and had room to spare. A bit of rear end sag but it made it back to Wangs workshop in one piece. The engine hoist was a must to unload it without a fork lift. It is rather heavy but have to remember this not only replaces the engine block but all the peripheral engine components, cooling system, oils etc and will have an unholy amount of power in comparison.

It is far too bulky to be test fitting so I will be making a mockup cylinder of thin sheet metal to the same width and length to do the test fitting. The good news is the twin motors are the length of the RA28 engine bay and the Powerglide will set where the original transmission was meaning no chassis modifications yet.

Progress is rather slow at the moment due to still parting out the old race forester to acquire funds and make room in the workshop. Planning continues…

2 thoughts on “Electric Driveline Acquired!

  1. Mike says:

    Very cool project!! How’s it all going?

    Any progress on installing the dual 9″ setup?

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

    1. Electrowang says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for your interest. The project is on temporary hold while I move to a bigger premises with a bigger workshop. Once that’s done I will be able to make much more progress!


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