The Plan (So Far)…

So now you’ve heard the dream, here is the plan.

After some extensive research I decided I wanted this car to be something special. An electric conversion is one thing, but why go to all the effort if it isn’t all that fun to drive?

The research led to the following plan for the car. I have been very fortunate to have some of these things fall into place such as the donor car and more recently the electric motors and gearbox which has been amazingly discounted by EV Works a supplier in Perth who seems to stock all the goodies that I have planned. Tim is a seasoned EV builder and parts supplier and has taken an interest in the build, did we suddenly become best friends?

The overall goal of the car is to be able to be driven by anyone, to be able to lift the front wheels on full acceleration, to feel light and agile keep to the OEM kerb weight while still having a usable range of 150km, to turn heads while driving by in near silence beside a nice spaceship hum of electric motors and controllers.

Electric Components

2x Netgain Warp 9″ motors in ‘siamese’ configuration with Reid Powerglide 2 speed + reverse transmission 1000hp capable (A proven track and drag configuration by the likes of EV West M3, White Zombie Datsun 1200, Zombie222 Mustang)

Manzanita Micro Zilla 2K EHV (The top end model for drag and track use capable of suppying 2000 amps continuously)

CALB 25.3kw/h LiFePo4 battery pack consisting of 110x CALB72 in fan cooled LED lighted perspex casing (A proven high power density with one of the lightest casings)

Orion BMS2 120 battery management system (Advanced system to maximise battery performance and lifespan)

Zivan NG3 HV battery charger (Onboard so charging can take place anywhere)

MeanWell 36Amp DC-DC converter + 12v 15AH LiFePo4 aux battery (For original 12v systems and auxilary systems)

Vehicle Components

Toyota Hilux rear axles and upgraded 1.5 way LSD centre modified to suit RA28 rear subframe

Gecko coilover upgrade F + R

Skyline 4+2 pot disc brake upgrade with switchable electric vacuum pump

Complete recon of manual steering components and bushing upgrades

Staggered Watanabe JDM 15″ wheels 6″ front 9″ rear (If I can find them)

Fibreglass Ducktail spoiler

Fibreglass Lip spoiler

Moulded wheel arch flares

JDM fender mirrors

GT Grille

Tinted LED sealed headlight beam replacements x4

Tinted indicator repeaters

LED globe upgrades all round

Ford GT bonnet scoops with flexible ducting to motors and battery pack

Faux exhaust pipes for exhaust air ducted from battery pack

Zilla coolant system filled with UV reactive coolant and UV engine bay lighting

Coolant system plumbed to heater core for demisting legal requirement

Full respray in Steel Mica gunmetal grey with Black Shelby GT stripes

Full interior restoration

Dash trim kept original, instruments replaced with GPS speedo and tacho.

Digital LED segment type temp readings from motors, transmission and controller coolant (Back to the future style)

Hidden modern 1DIN head unit, powered on by original head unit power button

Black leather non fixed racing seats with multi point harnesses

Deep dish classic leather aluminium steering wheel

Custom fabricated motor mounts

Custom fabricated front strut bar reinforcement with shelf for motor controller

Custom fabricated battery compartment in spare wheel area

Custom fabricated tail shaft

Custom fabricated chassis reinforcements, externally invisible

Master motor controller kill switch

Master battery pack kill switch

Impact emergency battery cut off sensor

More refinements and parts to be added…




1 thought on “The Plan (So Far)…

  1. gaz says:

    cant wait tosee the item and maybe have a drive. Very proud of you Dylan don’t stop creating
    I bet bubby will be happy in the back all strapped in. Go go go


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