Rear roof repairs

Apologies for the long period of time between updates. The good news is progress is being made, on a difficult part of the project. The rear section of roof which the hatch attaches to which has badly rusted through the roof skin and penetrated through the layers of sheet metal.

Here is the offending area. It is rather important for structural integrity as the hatch is attached to it. Marker lines show where it will be cut.
I tried to retain the shape as much as possible when cutting it but the damage is extensive.
I painstakinly drilled out the spot welds and seperated the 3 layers from each other and began replacing sections with fresh steel while keeping the original shape and contour.
This being the first layer has to be as strong as possible. So extensive repairs were done, many hours spent cutting, bending, welding and grinding.
A total of 8 fresh pieces of zinc anneal were used in this piece.
First layer tacked back into place. It was seam welded back on to the interior box reinforcement.
Primed and ready for layer 2.
Layer 2 was in much better shape and only had 2 small strips replaced along the fold. The rust was wire wheeled and hit with rust converter.
Layer 2 welded back into place. I added extra seam welds around the hinge areas for extra strength. It now feels solid as a rock with only 2/3 layers complete.

4 thoughts on “Rear roof repairs

  1. gary sheard says:

    Oxidisation is a pain in the rs. Looks like you are on top of it keep up the labour of love.
    When do we ride?
    Love Gaz

    1. Electrowang says:

      I’m gonna use this line to avoid dissapointment ‘it takes as long as it takes’


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