Rear panel repairs

I want this car to last, so the next process is a time and labour intensive one, removing all rust and repairing it with fresh steel. I will be using Zincanneal a type of sheet metal that doesn’t rust. So once I removed the tail lights and filler panel the damage was clear. So I stripped back the paint and found all the cancer areas and got cutting, bending, welding, grinding. These sections are made up of multiple layers of sheet metal so it has been a time consuming process. I like to think this is one of the more difficult rust areas complete but I’m sure i’ll be proven wrong once I get in deeper (if that’s possible).

Some nasty rust that has previously just been bogged over. The whole panel wobbles very easy thanks to some areas rusted through
A pretty big area was compromised and had to be removed
Both corners were rebuilt with 4 separate pieces like the factory but with Zincanneal and full seam welds not spot welds and seam sealer like the factory
A finished corner, body filler will be my friend here and get everything smooth again
A quick test fit and the tail lights fits nicely
Lucky me got to do the entire process again on the other side
Both corners finished, next steps will be to repair the gutters on each side and the top mounting panel which is badly rusted

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