Gauge Cluster

So the gauge cluster is 42 years old and I wanted to make it fully functional and look the part too. I opted for a GPS speedo to make things simple and a digital RPM gauge so it can run straight off the motor controller along with an Aux volt meter and vacuum meter for monitoring braking vacuum pressure. The final cherry on top is an analogue clock as a tip of the hat to the original. I opted for a full set of VDO gauges for consistency and quality. I could have purchased a perfectly good 90s Camry for the small fortune I paid for the VDO gauges but this is something I would like to last and enjoy.

The original cluster minus the gauges which all had bent needles
Vinyl adhesive removed and glue residue removed
Primed and ready for paint
Duplicolor carbon effect and 2k gloss clear added. Gauges fitted with some dremel work

Gauges wired and LED backlighting tested. Time to get back to bodywork.

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