Rear Hatch

So after nearly 6 months of the RA28 sitting untouched in my car port, I was finally able to remove the old Forester shell from my workshop after stripping the valuable items off it. Most of which is now sold and has already been put into acquiring the remaining EV parts.

As soon as she rolled into the workshop I started planning the next stages. I will get the body work done first, – rust repairs, primed and filled, then fit the spoilers and flares and extra bits and bobs. Since the very last stage will be the exterior painting, I will just be priming to stop rust.
I picked the rear hatch to work on first, since there is minimal work to be done on it I thought it would be a good place to start to ease into the bodywork which I have done very little of.

The first step was to cut the rubber seal and remove the glass. Then unbolt it from the hinges. I then prepared the interior side first, It was not ground back to metal except for areas with any signs of rust. The rust areas were then treated with rust converter and sealed with rust treatment then primed.

The next day I began stripping the exterior surface. I started with a paint stripper gel which soon became apparent it was not going to cut it since there was 3 previous layers of paint jobs to remove. So I switched to an angle grinder with various wire wheel attachments. Whilst it took an entire day to strip and prime I am still over the moon to make some progress on this car. The final steps will be to weld up the holes which were previously just covered up with filler, then fill and sand.

She finally rolled into the shop!
Some rust areas in the seams and and corners to be repaired
Rust converter applied to rust areas
Rust sealant applied

Primed with U-Pol Acid 8

The main rust area on the exterior
Paint stripper took off the clear coat and some top coat but not the previous layers
Stripped to bare metal and rust converter applied
Primed with U-Pol Acid 8
Overall this hatch is in remarkably good shape for something 42 years old. If only the rest of the car was so lucky!

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