Front Grille

So my donor car came with the hideous LT grille, so one of the first things I purchased was a honeycomb GT grille which looks 1000 times better. Of course these are rare items these days so it’s pretty much impossible to find one in good condition unless you are willing to drop 4 figures on one!

So this one came over from the US with usual petina on the grille and rust on the brackets and a peeling GT badge. My new sandblasting tool was put to good use here as it can get in all the crevices and tight spots that normal sanding tools can only dream of penetrating.

The next step was to apply the anti rust coating and then a nice Matte Black finish. I decided on Matte finish to contrast with the high gloss Black of the exterior bodywork. Final step was to painstakingly remove the chrome coating from the badge with tweezers and screwdrivers to give it carbon fiber finish with hand painted letters.

The current grille could easily cause permanent eye damage if you look directly at it

The grille prepped and ready for blasting

After a full bucket of Garnet it was ready for paint

The GT badge was in a sorry state with half the Chrome coating missing

After an hour of surgery it was stripped and ready to prime and paint

The finished badge re attached

Rust is not welcome here

Another part ready to one day go on the car

2 thoughts on “Front Grille

  1. Mick says:

    Mate, I just found your journal and read it all. The ra28 is one of my all time favourite cars, and daily I regret not buying one I test-drove (as a potential first car) back in 2000. I’m excited to see how you take this 20th century jap beast and bring into the 21st century. You are realising two of my dreams in one hit! All the best, will keep tuning in.

    1. Electrowang says:

      Thanks I appreciate that, in about a week I will be moving the RA28 into my workshop and the real work will begin. Super excited!


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