So genuine Watanabe wheels are simply not made in the width and offset I want so I acquired some reps, as I have a Ford 9″ rear end I had a custom set delivered with 9″ wide 5×114.3 on the rear and 8″ 4×100 on the front. I went with Nankang semi slicks on the rear for maximum road legal grip and some Hankook RS4’s up the front for great handling.

As the wheels only came in Gunmetal and I’m going FULL BLACK I had to repaint them. I want maximum amount of Gloss to give the spokes some definition. And rather than gum up my spray gun I went with premade SprayMax 2k spray cans in Jet Black and Clear. These are a 2 part system which you activate prior to use. They work extremely well and could not be happier with the results. My finished product is a lot more glossy than the factory finish. The tires were then fitted by my trusty local tire shop and I am really happy with how they sit, a very mild stretch to stiffen the side walls but retain maximum grip!

To finish them off I had some centre cap decals made up with the original Celica dragon logo.

The original wheel set
All prepped with wax and grease remover ready for paint
2 cans of Jet Black were used and 2 cans of clear, this stuff is Gold in a can
The result after 3 coats Black 3 coats Clear
Fresh rubber fitted
Looking schmick
The finishing touch

4 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. gary says:

    Hi Maestro looking good cant wait for a riiiiiiiiiide. Gaz

  2. Ed says:

    What wheels did you settle on? I’m looking at Watanabe or replicas for my 28 also.

    1. Electrowang says:

      These are reps because genuine ones don’t seem to go wider than 8″!


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